The Importance of Security Culture

A strong security culture is both a mindset and mode of operation. One that's integrated into day-to-day thinking and decision-making can make for a near-impenetrable operation. Conversely, a security culture that's absent will facilitate uncertainty and, ultimately, lead to security incidents that you likely can't afford to take on.

Course info

Main target of this course is provide the student with the tactics and techniques used to successfully conduct missions in non-permissive urban environments to upgrade develop knowledge and skills/Tactics and Technics in the area of Urban Terrain. Training at the individual/teams level focuses on movement, assault, forcible entry, patrol and operations.

Course contains 100% of the tactical training on the ‘’Little Mogadishu’’ with the FX Simunition and Shooting Range with real scenarios.


AK platform


Simmunition Conversion Kit


5,56 mm – 400 rds
7.62 – 250 rds
9mm – 50 rds
9mm FX – 100
5,56 mm FX – 150 rds

(depends on course/students progress)

Skill prerequisites

This Course requires earlier training with weapons and/or experience in the subject. Candidate should complete Combined Firearms, Tactical Carabine or PMC courses in ESA prior to attending this course.

Required gear

Tactical Belt
Tactical/Outdoor boots
Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions
Shooting glasses
Shooting ear protection like earmuffs, earplugs


  • Weapon manipulation in dynamic tactical situations
  • Shooting from different positions and with obstacles
  • Under stress shooting drills
  • Shooting in teams
  • Team manoeuvres – Methods and tactics
  • Low Light No Light Shooting
  • Urban movement/target approach – procedure & tactics, the law of percentage
  • Drills for engaging the enemy, securing a perimeter, CQB-clearing a room
  • MOE-Methods Of Entry
  • Military Squad Movement Formations & Techniques
  • Patrols open field / urbanized terrain
  • Rappelling rope tactics
  • Force on force drills with FX ammunition
    Duration: 7 days Course prices includes accommodation and food for a complete training
    Pricing: $1700.